Agni Yoga Sacred Heart Fire

Sites And Services
The Exercise Of Consciousness Is The Yoga Of The Heart!

Clients include corporations, community centers, country clubs and privates.

  • Group and individual, one-on-one private sessions are provided.
  • Consultant Services and counseling offered.
  • Yoga instuction  and practice spanning 30 years.
  • Best integrated, personally adaptive instruction given in supportive environment. 



 1) Corporate Site Client

  • Hewlett Packard
  • Mentor Graphics 
  • Hitachi Micro Systems
  • Cadence Design
  • 3-COM
  • IBM
  • Business Objects
  • AMORC, Rosicrucian Order
  • Crossroads


 2) Private Country Club List    

  • Silver Creek Country Club
  • CourtSide Country Club
  • Los Gatos Swim & Racquet Club
  • CordeValle, A Rosewood Resort
  • JCC Los Gatos


 3) Gyms and Fitness Centers                                                                                                                      
  • Golds' Gym
  • Bally Total Fitness
  • Pinnacle Fitness Club
  • Club One
  • Schoebers'
  • Los Gatos Athletic Club




4) City Contracts

  • City of Campbell




5) Community Associations/Private Studios

  • Chinese-American Mutual Assistance Association (CMAA)

  • Yoga Center Los Gatos
  • The Yoga Unit, Claremont



6) Individual Yoga Instruction and Consultancy

  • Have you gone through a personal crisis and need to renew and restore? 
    All you need is just a few weeks of personal instruction and counseling!

                       Heath House & Jesica Schein, Yoga Works 

 * I also provide consultant services to the attorney-at law.

  •    client  pre-discovery assessment and preparation 
  •    client pre-trial assessment and preparation
  •    juror assessment


 7) Bring Agni Yoga (Sacred Heart Fire) to your studio or city.

Yoga Alliance registered as  E-RYT®  500 / RYT®  500


To encourage the pursuit of continuing and higher education,

E-RYTs are qualified to train teachers.  Both E-RYTs 500 and RYTs are qualified as 
Continuing Education providers.  The continuing education standards call for a certain amount of training and teaching experience every three years.

 To retain registry status and meet requisite standards, RYT 200 or 500 will:
  1. accumulate 30 CEUs in reviewed/renewed or advanced techniques,
  2. methodology,
  3. anatomy & physiology, 
  4. yoga philosphy/lifestyle & ethics, and
  5. practicum
  6. in any of the above categories, in each three-year period.

Additionally, as Artisan of the Rose Croix, my representation is provided:

  •      To insure clearly qualified authentic initiatic yoga instruction. 
Protecting the uninitiated, neophyte, or beginner in yoga, as well the initiated advanced student, is an essential aspect of authentic instruction. This confirms proper preparation for the highest spiritually imbued, scientific-based, known and yet-to-be-unveiled Sacred Teachings; so ancient in nature as the Way, to live the Truth of our being, here and now. 

  • Emphasize the import and inclusion of the traditional, disciplined, home practice.
  • Establish inner mastery and Hierarchy contact.

Supporting Member      


*Agni Yoga Society

AMORC (Ancient Mystical Order of the Rosae Crucis), known as the Rosicrucian Order, a cultural, initiatic and philosophical fraternity, unveils their Code Of Life.

I will be waiting here
 For your silence to break
 For your soul to shake
 For your love to wake.
-- Rumi


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