Agni Yoga Sacred Heart Fire


                Sacred Love Letters:  -  Psalms Of The Heart
The Exercise Of Consciousness Is The Yoga Of The Heart!

top-calligraphy-13-by s. miphram rinpoche.png  Calligraphy by S. Miphram Rinpoche 
                 The Truth

There is no mind, mining or minding.

There is no ground, no platform in which "I" stand,

No solidarity; All soars free beyond conceptuality.

There is no fear, here, there, anywhere.

There is awareness of the fullness of emptiness,

The vastness of open-ended, beginningless rhyme.

Way beyond the boundaries, spheres and realms,

The ocean of meaninglessness, to the flatline,

The plane, straight-forward, undiluted, unpolluted,

Nihil, dot-not: 
The mystery, 

The Truth...Infinite Potentiality.



 Img571.png  Vajrahara
        O' Sweet NectarBee

All of what you thought, Most Holy Bee

You find is Holy Nectar, now, to just "Be."

Being Your Holiness, the Sweet NectarBee,

The Sweet Holiness of Being the NectarTree,

Fruitful to the pollutants whom cannot see;

You proclaim, "Eat of my fruit, it can set you free;

Free to soar 
Home to the Great NectarStore,

Of the Beloved Sacred Heart of Grace-evermore." 

Shore to shore O' Sweet NectarBee,

Your Holiness abounds until, no more.

Dissolved, Sweet NectarBee, in the Allness

Of un-heralded, un-manifest Infinity, 

The Great Void Of Vast Potentiality.

O' Sweet Nectar, Sweet Nectar, "Be!"

Desire, again, the Light that created

The Holy Sweet Nectar LifeTree.

Re-generate; Re-embody; Re-surrender; 

Re-commit; Re-samadhi; Re-member.

So comely with Love-Bhakti as Hierarchy,

In service to the lost, to help evolve humanity.  

Bless all life eternally.  So h
umbled, Holy Love, 

We beseech Thus, the Great Mission, of Thee

Re-birth, until all are free from pain and suffering.

                                                                   ...Rabia' U'llah


spirit of ascension flame by charles sindelar.jpg Ascent

To be or not to be, that, is the question

Already answered, for ye... are illusive extant.

Wherein, the Be Attitude is paramount, you see

Its' vision summits the recepts, avows precepts,

Swans incepts and aflames concepts, wills what

It accepts, known and unknown beyond exception.


vajradhatu.gifShambhala Crest of Arms

        The Crest of the Lion!

      Protectress of the Snows!

 Fear Not I Am With You Always

         I Am, All, ...Knowing

We create to imbue a higher spiral to wave forth the needed expiation, the Banner of Truth, embodied in spatial time.  Harken to behold; be ready for time moves quickly and the mind stills the performance of the Will.  Clear out the dust fragments and forge anew.  We've much to do.  Light-heartiness will get you through... surprises, the analyzing, the systemizing of tangible curves in the gateway of traveling at the speeds of light; at the lightning speed of sound re-verberating within the soul, beating, pleating, pulsating, in repeating Our Commands to thee.  Meditate; the salve inculcates the fresh czars from the Sun; co-mingle, entangle and surrender to the spontaneous, the combustion of rallying Our Ally.  Omni-fusion, infusion, suffusion, yea diffusion.  Be, ye the temple of the Cosmic Son, the Sol Drum, h-OM-e-mming solstitial arcade to humanity.



Img169.jpg The Chant Book
       OM AH HUM HO

Our intone path of Fiery hymns awaken

Inner straight-knowledge and inspiration.

Inner striving with the heart, leads to expressing

Inner Truth, indwelling wise dominion, as Wisdom.

Rationale, logically subservient, actively minimized.

Passion drops, distilled to pure ashes synthesized

 As nectar ghee, an eternal wellspring Hung in the Heart, Aflame. 

Pure liquid gold of joyful refuge in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.

                                      OM AH HUNG 



Img171.png The Rose
 Of Sharing!

Psalms of the Heart: The Never-Ending Story Of Eternal Glory

The Never-Ending Story of Eternal Glory is the Crown of Pure Love.  Realized in every season, without criticism, or lithe analysis, nor bane acceptance of common reason even through inexplicable paralysis.

The story of Origins, an Ever-Mindful intercession, is a syllogism cosmically ordained; an attained magnetized centering, opening gates to flow Silent Communion, witnessed through sun-anointed laser pool eyes that soulfully attest inner-union.

Leading every pathway to meteoric intuitions of the spontaneous, are awe-inspiring, clarifying flames distilling dross to transcendent for calm-abiding sacredness.

All the while the Celestial Fiery sing, accordant sonatas of Aum everlasting: Psalms of the Heart.

Ignore doubt, the funnelled spun-out and moan.  Remember this rare heavenly soar, avow love forever and evermore; ne'er ye twain for it is the great divide, a hideous, ungodly forgetful compromise.

Endeared, cherished and adored, We affirm these momentums barely captured of True Rapture.  This amazing Grace, the bestowal of Beauty's face and fullness on the Beloved, is Our dream come true, Our rememberance of the Ideal, the Wholly Beloved You.  



Img323.jpg   See
     Of  Be-ness

The eyes, Our windows of the soul, unfold in clear view and reveal what the heart

whispers and the mind knows.

A reverent still life, suspended of time, a weightless reminiscence of The Magnificence. 

Her Grace permeating, piercingly sheering the veiled anamnesis of this world. 

The pearl at any price, ever sought, Our clarion affirmation of the Fiery Chariot, "Amen,

to the See of Be-ness." 




Img318.png Adamantine Being

"In Union with Wisdom Aspect"

Dearly Beloved;

Our reflection heightened and affection regally expressed, dons the awakened internal commitments incensed and avowed by sweetness and fragrant promises of everlasting happiness.

Our True Love knows no boundaries and is free to transcendently soar pass unreeled memories and eternal intentions while spontaneously is bore mandate to the commandments essential to its very core.

"An equitable exchange of ying and yang," the Fiery Celestial always sang.  Our Truth, a banner furled, is the foundation and eternal fountain as youthful play is to lighten your days, as you hail Our Love and sail the world.




Be Still and Know That I Am

Blessed Morya El, my resounding pleas pale in comparison to the yearning in my heart for Thee--feed me Thy Sweetness, as Blissfulness please.  A light tone in responsiveness is a whisp of caress and a nestle on the breast of my fluttering wings, you give as seed to me, to free and heal me. 

Every Magi of the east and the west renown or unknown, are all one with Thee in service to the entire human family.  I honor Thee for thou has honored me in rememberence of the Christ who loves us still....

Our Beloved Jesus, the Christ, the story of His journey, His sacrifice, His eternal appeal.

"God so loved the world He gave His only Be gotten Son and whosoever Be, liveth in Him, does not perish, but has everlasting Light, Life and Love."

Blessed Morya El, I hear and inflame Thy summon to ordain, embody, proclaim the Be Attitudes of Our Brother's "Sermon on the Mount," and count my blessings one by for all and all for one.  Et too, I Am Thy Will being done, Thy Son...shining, the Clear Breathless Winged Beauty of Silent Stillness.

                                                                                      Rabia' U'llah


040m-mount meru1.png Mt. Meru
                Ain Soph

The Holy Spirit, a fulcruming, pirouetting See; an eminent rushing mighty wind infusing every part of Me.

The Holy Grail, The Holy See embodied and adorned is the Majestic Beauty of the Origins, at Home.

Eternally Now, Seated the Crown Heir with The Most High, never-separated, never-dying, never-born,

Wondrouly regenerative and free for the "eye" of the Heir, is single and focused beyond "l, Mine, and Mind" into the "Heart," eternally.

Whom immortal, unwaveringly commands, "Let Us, the Hierarchy, create Man and His significant Magnificat."


*Guru Puja Mandala of Mt. Meru World System, 1736-1796, Circle of Bliss: Buddhist  Meditational Art


rosecr.png Hermetic Cross
 The Way of the Heart

The heart of filigree gold is refulgent and cosmically tiered.

Thy humbled, wept servant bestowed anointed inunction.

 His temple resurrected through pure messianic devotion.

 A foundation proven sturdy, yea worthy through initiation,

 With cyclic test and trial, applies The Standard and The Art;

 Such evokes the filioque goal of emanating Eternal Grace,

 An exemplary compassionate tinture of the I Am Race.

 Virtue and compassion is the benchmark of brave Mind-Heart

 Finespun by "Spirit" conferment, for "His Eminence" in action.

 This is Truth, realized, beyond any schism and faction.


Hermetic Cross, a rosicrucian symbol of the unfoldment of man in search for Truth, its discovery and his understanding of the "Book of Life."

11x14_28p189-india unveiled.jpg A Hearth Call Home
     Remember Ye Me?

How can I forget Thee?  I AM, a Firefly; no longer a waif on the mystic breeze, I AM in remembrance, of Thee.

The fluttering of the wing of my fiery being, is the salutation of my heart soaring with psalms to Thee.

The inner sanctity of peacefulness is revealed by the misting of cascading tears, piercing through the sweetness of our conjugal blissfulness.  Beloved One, I Love Thee, beyond Eternity.

Yes, I remember Thee, you are ever-present within me.  We are always as One.  Thee, the ever-dwelling sacred Son.  My Light, My Love,  My Life as Christos, the Christ.

An Aum alite bright to warm me from the cold harshness of either day or night, with the fiery glow of your Heart, in a Hearth call,   H om e.

                                                                                         .Rabia' U'llah


sufi at prayer.gif *On Quest
    To Quench the Thirst 

My very life's expression is a reflection of The Beloved's Meditation on me and the fullness of possibilities;

Potentiality, Thy Wondrous, Inexhaustible, Unfathomable Well, the Heart of Thee; of each life span to come

Home from the sensation of realization to the inner sense of actualization. The inner clear sense of the innocence.

Inner non-sense, the no sense of actualization, that is ...and is not ...of what matters ...and what matters not.

A clear reflection of Shangri-la, Shamballah, Kabah, Nirvana, and of (whom) Camelot.

Gog and Magog,  duality of extremes, horrifically inflamed, finally destroyed and ashened; The Yajooj-Majooj

Pendulum portends fear, separation and doubt, now finally entombed, ends polarity wars within and without.

                                                                                         .Rabia' U'llah 


in the name of allah.gif


  1. In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. 
  2. All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. 
  3. The Most Beneficient, the Most Merciful 
  4. Master of this day of judgement. 
  5. Thee do we worship and Thine aid we seek. 
  6. Show us the straight way. 
  7. The way of those upon Whom Thy has bestowed Thy Grace
  8.  And not of those who go astray.

*photo cover of book entitled, 'Inspirations on the Path of Blame'  by Shaikh Badruddin published by Threshold.



helena roerich.gif  Helena Roerich
   Uraeus Passport

I am Protectress of the Snows of the purist fiery glow of the eye entrusted fiery Ruby Ray.  I am safe haven from the dark or confused mind, from identity loss, delusion, neediness and signs.  I am peace eternally resounded in luminosity, wonderfilled in the rhapsody of beauty unbounded.  Majestic and free, I fly far beyond the Heavenly sky; past the purest dynamicness of Our Hiero-Inspiration, the hero concepts of mediocrity deprevation; piercing through incepts searing pass point zero..o..o..(o)Ur.  Ur the fiery breath, the root of the light. Fiery Brahmavidya here We go right to the Heart of Zero.   AUM, AUM, AUM.

Helena Roerich: heralded "Mother of Agni Yoga," is the profoundly spiritually inspired writer of the Agni Yoga Book series, a most humble devotee of Master Morya El and servant of the Blessed Hierarchy.  ‘Uraeus’ is a passport indicative of initiatic hidden wisdom, the heart of sacred cosmic fire.  The Eternal Promise, Our Resonating Divine Memory of Blissful Communion and Freedom, unceasingly projected, taught and enabled through the sending forth of messengers from Our Blessed Hierarchy, whom grace, fortify and instills virtues within, to all adepts, anoint their reign as thus, by  "U ray Us."  Pass the port of "Call" aspirants transformed into adept, awe-inspiring living flames, radiate Divine Love, Light and Wisdom; re-establish the true teachings for the involution and evolution of consciousness for those who have lost their "Remembrance;"   Suchness, is Holy Identity and implementation of the Highest Will of the Hierarchy for the planet, Earth.  
~Rabia' U'llah

Gnosis Rune UR reference: UR is the cosmic womb, which is closed during the Great Night, called the Mahapralaya which opens downward and gives birth to the Great Cosmic Day, the Mahamanvantara.  When the new Cosmic Day dawns the Eternal Mother Space extends out like a lotus.  UR is dedicated to the Divine Mother.  Ur the fiery breath, the root of the light, has infinite manifestations, of which displays her body as the starry firmament and is the eternally creative and receptive aspect of All-in-All.




The Divine Mother in her cosmic aspect goes by many different names.  She was worshipped by the ancient Egyptians as the goddess Nut.

“ambe is a name for the creative power, jagad means world. jagadambe means the mother of the world. bhavani means the one who gives all things existence. janani means she who gives birth.

jai ambe jagadambe
mata bhavani jai ambe
dukha vinashini durga jaya jaya
kala vinashini kali jaya jaya
uma rama brahmani iaya jaya
radha rukamini sita jaya jaya
~Maniah Vyas



byzantine mosaic.gif  Jesus

        The Christ 

We can do all things in Christ, Our True Love within,

Here and now made manifest, "Magnificient," in form of flesh

Where the Divine Plan of every man and woman, is lived out.

Meeting in the field where karma is yield, until mute in silent stillness.

Memories flood, then willfully rise to extinct in etheric realms on high.

We abound here at Home where All is Known, inherently playing giddily about. 

Alway--Our play is the glorious work of the Lord.


The most famous of the surviving 12th century Byzantine mosaics of the Church of the Holy Wisdom (Hagia Sofia)


Img416.gif  Om Buddha
The Sweet Nectar Dew of Light Aspiration 

The ashen dew of Fiery Immanance is the Heart in flaming splendor, spiraling divine sparks along the rainbow bridge of cosmic aspiration. 

Here the Heart courses and expands the sweet dew of cosmic milieu, yea, overflows the river of gratitude into the eternal bliss seat of communion.


krishna & arjuna.gif  I Am The Way 
             The Heart of Gold      

God shines; it is the ego which is blind. Get ye ego, with its delusions behind thee. 

Mind the Heart, Our Great Treasury.  I command thee, get ye ego behind thee!

It is time to lead into the quiet sea of shored possibilities, to innate spontaneity.

God's Plan is far beyond intellectual precepts, visionary incepts and concepts.

OM, the quintessence is fully free. Thus Being, beyond bodhichitta, primortial vastness

And absoluteness; yet certified by whom identifies and in remembrance is crystalized

Into the Christ Consciousness, o
r Krishna, Allah, Buddha, and the Great Compassion

And Completeness of Life. 
'Tis the emergence of pristine potentialities.  I Am That I Am,

All-in-All, Un-manifest 
Supreme, beyond SupraMundane. UnNamed.  Come once again

To the Great Beyond, 
Transcend the Wheel of Time,  So you, too, re-turn to serve for

The evolution of mankind."


Krishna. speaking to Arjuna regarding being a warrior on the battlefield of life, displayed his being, four-armed.  
Bhagavad-Gita As It Is



I will be waiting here
 For your silence to break
 For your soul to shake
 For your love to wake.
-- Rumi

*Agni Yoga Society

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