Agni Yoga Sacred Heart Fire

The Exercise Of Consciousness Is The Yoga Of The Heart!
    Happy New Year For Spirit Matters!

Have you noticed that upon the dawning, the singing of birds herald each new day, the pitter patter of rain nudges slumber to contemplation, and the brilliance of the sun engenders loving rhythmical discourse as an ode to life? 

A remembrance of the consciousness of why we labour and why we wonder, why we lose our selfishness to love and ponder, mindlessly; bedecked in the beauty of silent communion as white waves awash our souls and renew our affection to life.

Renewal of life, multi-dimensionally.

So powerful and sacred is love it takes our breath away... stinging pearls of dewy-eyed moon drops to humble and grace our life with splendor.  Being in love is The Way.  If you are not in it are you out of it? If you are truly in love can you be unloving?  Here and there, everywhere be for giving to all each day, so much so indebtedness is pungent remorse. 

Remember, let not your forgetfulness take its course
thereby your crown. 

Peace is profoundly in the Heart of the Brotherhood whom never forgets to prepare The Way magnificently, appealing to the magnetic qualities of the span of each man and woman, transmuting and attracting the iron quills to spiral the Higher Will.

Be still, and know, We come that all might have life and that more abundantly!



         What Is On the Horizon?

               Kemet de Summit!



See far beyond on the horizon to the calm-abiding overview cradling the Summit of the Mount.  After the rain, the whimsical mystic rainbow indicates toward its end, the transformative mercurial fertile potential, Kemet de Summit.

The promise is true,
Our eternal commitment to fulfill every righteous desire, to spiral forever into the vintages of peerless anima that teach, train, sustain and juxtapose into the plane of The Nameless.  Where the air pristine clear, is the paradigm; the Heart is the central and only highway and the Mind is the universal consciousness of being

Co-create, propagate, be fruitful and multiply the glories and stories of the arising sons, so all may reunite in the fulcrum of the joy afloat in the Great See.  Thoroughly understand, know Grace is immediately at hand and as always go fish, go fish, go fish, for
We, the Hierarchy compassionately await and support your deeds.


Share the good news: Have a Happy New Year Knowing Spirit Matters.

It ushers in renewal, rebirth, verily the resurrection, the Spring of Life. 

Spirit magnifies, beautifies, inspires and instills charitableness and goodwill.

We send Agni Yoga, the Great Synthesis, Our Abode and Sacred Cosmic HeartFire!

*Agni Yoga Society  

   L   I   G   H    T

Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet performing Resin.  Acts of Light: Modern Dance

(Source: Alonzo King's Lines Ballet-Yahoo Search

I will be waiting here
 For your silence to break
 For your soul to shake
 For your love to wake.
-- Rumi


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