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 the HearT PRACTICE  
The Exercise Of Consciousness Is The Yoga Of the Heart!

~Guided Personal Practice & Class Pricing~


Consciously maintaining vibrant health, good hygene and mindful wellness, requires you to please, bring your own cleaned yoga mat, a freshly laundered towel, bottled water to stay hydrated, an openness and an attitude to commit to practice.  If feeling ill, please reschedule your appointment

As needed, you are also welcome to request to use available studio mats and/or towels which rent for $3 each, or purchase a new one from me, at market price. 

Arrival @ Agni Yoga ZenStudio B, Strictly By Appointment Only

Please, remove your shoes at the door. Yoga is generally done barefoot, so you are asked to place your shoes in the shoe cubbies, on any available shoe racks, inside storage bins or the outside bench; as well, personal items are to be left in your cars or placed inside accessible closets within the practice rooms.

Studio Procedure and Requested Demeanor

NO DROP-IN; By Appointment Only!

Arrive 5 to 10 minutes early to sign in at the Studio and get settled in the practice room.

All first time students should fill out a waiver and general information sheet.

Inform your instructor of any pre-existing conditions prior to starting class.

Should you anticipate you will be later than 5 minutes, please call or text, 408.309.4367

Private Instruction Class Descriptions

Experience how yoga will make you feel better, your body feel calm yet vibrantly alive, spiritually connected bringing peace and clarity to your mind. 


Beginners with an inactive lifestyle, the injured or 'restorative needs' clients.  

Simple breathing exercises and gentle yoga poses help you relieve stress and discomfort.


All levels can participate according to their abilities and current situational limitations,

This style too, is a yogic technology designed to expand mental and energetic capacity.  An active rhythmic 30 minute yin yoga in conjunction with a musical chant (affirmation of Truth), which has its roots in the Himalayas.  This results in a state of radiating the solar force.


Beginners with an active life style.

Learn or review the basics movements of Agni Vinyasa Flow and Power Yoga.  T. Krishnamacharya  and two of his students, K. Pattabhi Jois and  K.S. Iyengar, as wellParamahansa Yogananda are a few of the highly charismatic yogis whom brought forth and popularized hatha yoga, early in America of which the Sun Salutations emerged as the spinal axis, basis or pathway of the arising, ascendent son.


Intermediate to an advance active life.

An eclectic mix of fast-paced, powerful  flowing movements and sustained asanas held to open and strengthened the meridian lines to effectively restore youthful flexibility of the body, thereby clearing the mind, so the Highest Spirit of The Divine, like a mystical river instills peace profound and the wealth of wisdom.



All are welcome.

Engage in the methods and techniques that initiate inspired wisdom notes which reveal divinity and issue true inner beauty and joyful daily play for the practice of life.


30 Minutes 



NOW: $75

45 Minutes



NOW: $125

75 Minutes


$225 (Normally)

NOW: $175

90 Minutes


$325 (Normally)

NOW: $250




NOW: $225 


Any and all students may make a payment simply by donation. This is a 'Donation' consideration private studio.  No one will be denied attendance based on their inability to pay our standard basic class fees.  Class and time length is to be determined by the instructor.

Please note: To donate is to give. Donation is an act of giving.  It does not mean 'free,' but to contribute or give toward a cause or for a thoughtful reason. 

Suggested minimum donation: $35

Alternative Individual/Group Sessions & Pricing


An individual may receive 4 consecutive sessions for only $250, once.  Must be completed within a 30 day period, initiating with the first class, Purchase  is only valid for 30 days.  All classes, without exception, must be taken within the 30 day timeframe to qualify for the Special Prepay discount. 


Half off for 2nd associate, friend/or spouse.  Thereafter, $25 each additional student (three or more). Limited to six.


Starting at $150. Please make inquires, call (408) 309.4367 with the specifics of your request.


Gather a group together for a fun-filled intergrated yoga play day. Perfect for Birthdays, Bridal and Employee work groups!  Price depending on duration, site and geographic settings. Call to organize!


On occasion new students will be offered up to two free classes.  Also, on certain holidays, free classes will be offered and opened to those students whom register in advance.  Please subscribe to the Newsletter and return to this website for future announcements and to check for open registration dates.


Corporate monthly membership is for those (employees or contractors) associated with a business.

Corporate rate minimum is $250 per class, under 10 students, within a 10 mile radius, held at the corporate site.  Any corporations interested in bringing yoga on-site are encouraged to call for more detail and/or fees charged specific to your corporation at 408.309.4367 or email:  

Contact Info General Review

AGNI YOGA, ZenStudio B 

  • Private & Personal One-on-One
  • Instruction@Group Rates!!!
  • No drop-in: By Appointment Only!
  • Donation Consideration Studio


 Instructional Practice Styles: 

  • Power Yoga  (intermediate) 
  • Vinyasa Flow  (moderate) 
  • Shakti NAAM Yoga  (beginners) 
  • Gentle/Yin Yoga  (restorative) 
  • Guided Meditation  

AGNI YOGA, ZenStudio B
Tuesday & Thursdays Noon 12:10PM-1:10PM
Wednesday Evenings  7:00PM-8:15PM (temporary cancelled until Summer) 
Sunday Mornings  10:00AM

*Please Note: Monday - Saturdays: Private(s) or Organization Group Appointments, Now Available! 

Call to arrange specific time

Telephone: 408.309.4367


665 E Foothill Blvd A, Claremont, CA  91711

Saturday Morning 10:45am-12:Noon

To pre-register online click here.

Or call: 909.624.4809

Drop me a line!



'Prepare your hearth; the Lord approaches!
He has transformed the treasure of the chalice  
and returns it to you afire.'

Leaves of Morya's Garden, I: The Call, par. 21




'Gathering the flaming hearts, you bear them as gifts to Us.  The power of harmony will announce triumph to the pure in spirit.  Teach smilingly, joyfully create; your ears hearkening to the song.   By pure love shall I preserve compassion in my bleeding heart!'
Leaves of Morya's Garden, I: The Call, par. 35


'In your bosom cherish thoughts of service towards Good.'   par.320
' New ones will manifest themselves in action.'   par 344

'Cherish and read My Words.
 In these days of hardship you will be vindicated by labor.
And through action will you be exalted.
And by My Name will you attain.'      par 388
Leaves of Morya's Garden, I: The Call, par. 320, 344, 388


'Grant me, O Lord, the mastery of self!'
Leaves of Morya's Garden, I: The Call, par. 35


'Thus it is, when the spirit comes to realize
    New wings grow, and the surrounding air sings at
    The pathway of light is revealed to the amazed sight.
    And the mind’s resolution builds the steps
        of the temple of the One Truth.'

       Leaves of Morya's Garden, I: The Call, par 355

The Quest: Know Thy Self and to thine own Self, Be true.


' ,,,you must proceed through the Gates of Patience,
    And you will enter through the
        Gates of Service.
    And chiefly, remember the Lotus of Trust
        both day and night.'
 Leaves of Morya's Garden, I: The Call, par. 369


In Your Quietude: Open The Book Of Life,
Thy Fiery Heart
whence comes 
' There is no Love greater than Love.'

 Leaves of Morya's Garden, I: The Call, par.77

*Agni Yoga Society  

**Roerich Pact 




I will be waiting here
 For your silence to break
 For your soul to shake
 For your love to wake.
-- Rumi



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