Agni Yoga Sacred Heart Fire


 The Way of the Heart
The Exercise Of Consciousness Is The Yoga of the Heart!

Agni Yoga, the Yoga of Life, of Living Ethics is the Great Synthesis of the highest fiery purifications of the sacrificial base nature, that transforms and reveals suchness, as true 'be-ness;' transfigures and clarifies, centers cosmically and rhythmically our Violet-White Flame, called 'The Agni Yoga, Sacred HeartFire of All-Knowing, All-Bestowing-Love;' All-in-All, continually saturating and keeping 'Aflame, The Chalice of Amrita,' with nectar ghee (joyous glee) by being light, breathing fiery conscious activity.

'Prepare your hearth; the Lord approaches!
He has transformed the treasure of the chalice  
and returns it to you afire.'

Leaves of Morya's Garden, I: The Call, par. 21


The Way of the Heart is the most ancient Way, yet, it is heralded as the new yoga, clarifying the former systems even replacing all styles of Raja Yoga, while still honoring the former with deep and abiding gratitude through incorporation by fiery refinement of its best. "Proper offerings to Agni is ghee or clarified butter."  We hail the yoga of the past — the Raja Yoga and affirm the yoga of 'Heart Fire' now and for the future — the Agni Yoga.

'Gathering the flaming hearts, you bear them as gifts to Us.  The power of harmony will announce triumph to the pure in spirit.  Teach smilingly, joyfully create; your ears hearkening to the song.   By pure love shall I preserve compassion in my bleeding heart!'

Leaves of Morya's Garden, I: The Call, par. 35

Revelation is progressive, yet ever the same, in that it is inspiring, newly understood, newly applied; a refreshment from the doctrinal, inert and lifeless judgmental and rigidly fixed convictions, which mis-interpret, certainly mis-apply the ever Sacred Teachings long revealed.  Therefore, the need for clarity to spark and rekindle the glowing embers of the flame of love, the flame of life so that the consciousness can be purified and uplifted to higher planes for the greater plans of action and goodwill.

'In your bosom cherish thoughts of service towards Good.'   par.320
' New ones will manifest themselves in action.'   par 344

'Cherish and read My Words.
 In these days of hardship you will be vindicated by labor.
And through action will you be exalted.
And by My Name will you attain.'      par 388
Leaves of Morya's Garden, I: The Call, par. 320, 344, 388

Revelation is progressive yet ever the same in the sense, the Way of the Heart, is Aflame, and like a Phoenix rising from the 'ashes' ever renewing itself, re-incarnates again and again.  The whole idea of reincarnation is the Self re-generation of Divine Sparks of Light for the acceleration of evolution.  

The Call: Re-turn (in-spir-al) Home to the very Heart!  Circumambulating the Source of All, is the most virtuous and honorable fiery estate!

Abiding in the
 light of the Magnanimous, the rays of luminous light are for the benefit of all life. Thus, sharing the manna, being for giving, is the compassionate mission to enlighten others.

'Grant me, O Lord, the mastery of self!'
Leaves of Morya's Garden, I: The Call, par. 35


'Thus it is, when the spirit comes to realize
    New wings grow, and the surrounding air sings at
    The pathway of light is revealed to the amazed sight.
    And the mind’s resolution builds the steps
        of the temple of the One Truth.'

       Leaves of Morya's Garden, I: The Call, par 355


The Quest: Know Thy Self and to thine own Self, Be true.


It is the right time to fully reveal and herald to all who are prepared to hear: the knowledge of the Cosmic Fire and its conscious applicability is the unfoldment of the heart that creates, embraces and protects the manifestation of the universe in the highest sense.

Take the Sacred Breath to the heart imbued with the spirit of forgiveness, forbearing the pain and labor, traverse, transmute and transcend, and Be charitable, giving to All.  Prana (life force, nous), only helps when there is conscious striving in the heart, as well, everlasting nourishment of the spirit proceeds with the same conscious striving in the heart.


Agni Yoga is for any noble son or daughter who wishes to engage in the perfection of wisdom by the Way of eternal Truth, the Sacred Cosmic HeartFire.

The Cosmic Fiery Plan: Self-regeneration of Divine Sparks of Light is for the acceleration of evolution.  Thus, the bid is to Trust and much ado about Nothing, the non-conceptualization, non-thing, non-thinking graceful awakening of the conscious dynamic tension of peaceful equilibrium. This ushers in straight-knowledge from the heart, the Truth of your Being, your purpose and great mission in life.

'I am sending a living spring,
    To bathe your eyes and ears.

    And the Miracle will be manifested,
    And a Bridge of Beauty will lead you on your new path.'
 Leaves of Morya's Garden, I: The Call, par.  

Come to the Great See, traverse the abyss, to the other side to play with me.  Come to the Great See, O' playmate come out and emblaze with me.

           Let us, Be......... Playmates in the Light!

          Let us Be,... Aflame in the Heart!

' ,,,you must proceed through the Gates of Patience,
    And you will enter through the
        Gates of Service.
    And chiefly, remember the Lotus of Trust
        both day and night.'
 Leaves of Morya's Garden, I: The Call, par. 369


In Your Quietude: Open The Book Of Life,
Thy Fiery Heart
whence comes 
' There is no Love greater than Love.'

 Leaves of Morya's Garden, I: The Call, par.77

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I will be waiting here
 For your silence to break
 For your soul to shake
 For your love to wake.
-- Rumi



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